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Short Process Sand Making System

Capacity: 100-400t/h
Application: customized for cement, sand and gravel, specifically for concrete, dry mixed mortar production manufacturers
Advantage: occupying a smaller area, shorter construction period, low investment in civil engineering cost, no dust and little noise, etc.
Delivery: 15-30 days
Max feeding size: 150mm
Shipping ports: Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin


Economic benefits the “Champion” series short process sand making system has brought

With great vision and strategic measures, DSMAC, as the vanguard, successfully promoted the “champion” short process sand making system. It is blessed with merits such as advanced technology, reliable quality, and environment-protecting. At present, 300tons of short process sand making system made by DSMAC for Henan Xinxiang Xinliang building materials company ., Ltd has taken back all the investment after coming into operation for half a year. Considerable profits have been achieved. If you want to have a visit, please dial 0086-371-67897681.


Take the short process sand making system with capacity of 500 thousand squares per year as an example:

Raw material: limestone; Capacity: 160t/h. Total investment in this production line is 5million. That’s to say, it takes five months to take back the whole investment.

The income per hour is 4500RMB [gravel: 150tons*(50-25) =3750, mineral powder10*75(the price) =750RMB]

Production cost per hour: 806.5RMB(4RMB/T), electric charge 280RMB/h, wear-resistant material and spare consumption 300RMB/h, labor cost 26.6RMB/h, management cost 100RMB/h, depreciation 100RMB/h, total is 806.5RMB/h.

Income per hour is 3694RMB, per month 923.5 thousand RMB, per year 11.08 million RMB.




Advantages of Short Process Sand Making System

“Champion” short process sand making system has thoroughly altered the mode of traditional sand making system by integrating crushing, shaping, control of fine aggregate, grading adjustment and control of water content of manufactured sand.

The core sand maker of this system is RV rotor centrifugal sand maker, which can process the gravel of 105mm into high-quality manufactured sand, simplify the process, greatly reduce the equipment investment, and diminish notably production cost. With advanced particle grading adjustment device, it can make the fineness modulus of the system be adjusted between 2.2 -3.0.



Compared with conventional VSI sand maker, RV rotor centrifugal sand maker with the exclusive patented double cavity has the following advantages:

1. the efficiency is raised by 50% and more

2. consumption of rotor can be diminished by 50%

3. the feeding size can be raised by 2 or even 3 times

4. energy can drop by 40%

Main components of Short Process Sand Making System

Short process sand making system can well control the grading curve. When using the same cement to configure concrete, short process sand making equipment can produce higher strength of sand. It mainly consists of the following parts:

1. the main engine of sand maker


RV rotor centrifugal sand maker is endowed with many characteristics of vertical impact crusher, such as low consumption, good shape, stable granularity, etc. It has also improved the performance of crushing through double cavity impact rotor and reduced the power. It is durable and easy to maintain.

Model Feeding size(mm) Total installed power(kw) Handling capacity(t/h) Output of primary manufactured sand(t/h)
R-0900 56-70 90-132 30-90 40-80
R-1200 80-100 160-400 100-400 103-200

The discharging grain size is small and soft stone can be eliminated. The crushing ratio is big and bearing of high speed and bearing is adopted.

2. Winnowing screen


The winnowing screen technology adopted can distinguish the qualified products from substandard products. The classification is very accurate. Dust will be absorbed by vacuum cleaner. In the end, substandard products will be conveyed to the crushing process.

3. Recycling system


When the products absorbed by the vacuum cleaner go through the filter and then are slashed to the control panel, heavy particles among them will drop down and then will be sent to the finished sand, while light particles will be absorbed away by dirt catcher. Thus, the purity of powder and quality of finished sand can be ensured

4. Dirt catcher

The professional off-grid pulse dust collector can reduce energy consumption by a large margin and the removal efficiency can reach 99.9%. The complete production line adopts the design of zero emissions, low noise, and low vibration.

5. Electronic control system


The IOT system can monitor the production state of equipment in all respects and conduct safety interlock management. If any problems emerge, it can remind the workers of the fault point and help them check and maintain the equipment.



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