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TB Mobile Stacker

Raw Materials: aggregate, soils, slag, dry tailing etc.
Discharge height: ≤10.5m
Capacity: ≤1500m³
Conveyor length: ≤25m
Application: mining, mulch, compost, biomass, tailing processing


The TB series track-mounted stacking conveyor is engineered for stockpiling and transferring low density and bulky materials in heavy duty applications. It features a huge feed hopper and an up to 25m long variable speed discharge conveyor that enables a stockpile of 1500m³.

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Mobile Stacker Benefits

1. Eliminates the needs and costs for on-site transport

2. Electric and diesel dual power package.

3. Designed for quick commission

4. Robust and compaction

5. Receive load directly from crusher, screen, loader and excavator


Mobile Stacker Features

1. Wireless remote control.

2. Wide variable feed speed range.

3. Adjustable discharge height. 

4. Big feed hopper with buffer capacity

5. Flexibility with lowest operating cost thanks to electric and diesel dual power package.




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