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Super-pressure Sludge Filter Press

Application:: Municipal Sludge,Industrial sludge dewatering, Sludge composting,Sludge incineration,Sludge making brick and other Sludge dewatering treatment projects
Capacity:: 1-200t/h
Power: 1-4kw
Treated sludge moisture content: ≤30%
Shipping ports: Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin
Delivery:: 15-30 days


After 2 years, we successfully developed CYG series Super-pressure sludge filter press which filtration area 30-300m2. Sludge with more than 90% moisture after this series product can handle can become mud cake with 30%-50% moisture. It can solve the problem that organic sludge is difficult to be effectively used.


1. High filter plate strength, long use life 
Dingsheng Brand Super-pressure sludge filter press frame adopts high strength low alloy steel, it can bear thousands tons work pressure. Its key parts filter plate adopt high strength anticorrosive alloy steel, can meet more than 100kg/cm2 high pressure requirement. Filter plate use life can get 10 years, and reduce the operation and maintenance costs of equipment.
2. High filtration pressure , the production efficiency is greatly improved
 Super-pressure sludge filter press feeding material pressure high to 2MPa ,press pressure high to 60-110kg/cm2 . This pressure is 6-10 times of common diaphragm filter press. Cause of super high pressure, moisture in sludge will be detachment rapidly. Working cycle time will be 2-4 times shorter than diaphragm filter press.
3. Low moisture content of Caky sludge
Same working condition, sludge after high pressure press, caky sludge moisture content can be control at 15%-50%, its average moisture content is 15%-40% lower than common filter press. This result comes from ding sheng’s good Cell Wall Broken Technology. And Dingsheng Brand Super-pressure sludge  filter press adopts a pressure which is higher than a critical value of water broken cell wall pressure.
4. High automation
Super-pressure sludge filter press use high automation. Electronic control system adopt PLC programmable controller and touch panel operation panel. Material will be feed,press,unload automatically. And press loth will be clean itself by press air not water during working process. It saves the common filter press manual unloading and artificial cloth washing procedure, saving time and labor. One person can operate 2 sets of equipment at the same time. If customer needs, Dingsheng can install information system on automated platform, it is Internet of things system for remote monitoring.
5. Low operation cost 
Cause of above characteristics, this equipment operation costs very low. And cause if adopt of critical high pressure pressing makes space water detachment and cell wall rupture easier. Reducing conditioner adding. Automatic control system with multi operation trouble. After test, its operation cost is only equal to 50% of  cost of common filter press
6.Multi design style 
Dingsheng providing fixed Super-pressure sludge filter press and mobile super-pressure sludge pressing system to meet the demands of customers.


Working Principle:

Super-pressure sludge  filter press adopts the technology of high pressure feeding by using hydraulic piston pump and super high pressure squeeze. When finished feeding, hydraulic piston pump presses directly filter plate for squeezing. Owing to sludge feeding and squeezing capacity high, it can be fast and deep dewatered. Dingsheng Brand Super-pressure filter press clamp system and high pressure squeeze system use same one hydraulic system, compared to filter press, it saves high pressure water squeezing system. 
Super-pressure filter press working principle

Super-pressure Filter Press and Filter Press Comparison

Items Super-pressure sludge filter press Membrane press Filter press
Filter plate material Steel composite material, large loading capacity, long service time FRPP, filter plate easy transformation, short service life FRPP, filter plate easy transformation, short service life
Feed pressure ≥1.2-2MPa ≤0.6MPa ≤0.6MPa
Press 6-8MPa ≤1.6MPa None
Working principle High pressure feeding, high pressure squeeze, lessen filter chamber volume Low pressure feeding, high pressure membrane squeeze, lessen filter chamber volume Low pressure feeding filter to reduce moisture slowly. Filtering only by pressure produced by feeding pump 
Compression ratio Large, filter chamber volume reduce over one time Small, filter chamber max can reduce 0.5 times Filter chambe keep constant
Cake moisture 40-60%
civil sludge reduce to 40-60%
High, civil sludge reduc t 60-80%
Cycle period 0.7-1.5h/time  3-4h/time  3-4h/time 
Auxiliary equipment high pressure oil system instead of high pressure water Need high pressure water system Without high pressure water system
Operation Low, cost of conditione is cheaper approximate one time than cost of Membrane machine high high

 Super-pressure filter press pictures
 super-pressure sludge filter press

 Super-pressure filter press pictures
side view of super-pressure sludge  filter press

 Super-pressure filter press
Caky sludge treated by super-pressure sludge filter press

Mobile sludge filter press
Mobile sludge filter press



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