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TGS Series Tracked Rotary Screen

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Aug 04,2020   Views: 

Tracked Rotary Screen

TGS series TRACKED ROTARY SCREEN is suitable for all kinds of medium scale screening projects that require high mobility and stability of equipment. It has features such as high output, wide applications, convenient operation and strong performance etc.

1. Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt of tracked rotary screen adopts steel plate bending parts as the main support, which is stronger and more stable. The inner belt roller uses the rollers with small diameter, ensuring a more compact structure, larger conveying capacity and low power consumption.

2. Rotary screen

The tracked rotary screen is suitable for all kinds of medium-sized screening projects that require the equipment with high mobility and stability. It has the characteristics of high production capacity, wide application, convenient operation and strong performance etc.

3. Folding silo

The chute with large steel structure is fixed on the frame by bolts, convenient for disassembly and assembly, which not only increases the volume of the feeder to improve the efficiency, but also protects the internal equipment.

4. Frame

The frame of tracked rotary screen uses high-strength 16Mn material, welded as a whole. The mechanical structure is optimized to ensure strength while reducing weight.

5. Frequency conversion control system

The tracked rotary screen uses the PLC, touch screen and inverter to realize intelligent control, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the on-site operation is simple and convenient.

6. Crawler walking

The tracked rotary screen adopts the steel crawler chassis, and the walking speed is adjustable by the control handle, so that the whole machine can realize convenient movement, turning, climbing and walking.

7. Generator set

Equipped with a diesel generator set, the tracked rotary screen can fully meet the needs of daily production and on-site movement. The operator can also choose an external engine to supply power for the normal production and movement according to his/her requirements.