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WL Mobile Crushing Screening Combination Ready to Production

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Jun 02,2020   Views: 

mobile crushing screening combination

The WL series MOBILE CRUSHING SCREENING COMBINATION is an integrated equipment independently developed and manufactured by DSMAC Group. As a new mode, this equipment integrates the functions of crushing and screening with a compact structure, being of high mobility and high working efficiency. It can put into production quickly to save costs for clients. At present, the mobile crushing screening combination is mainly used for processing materials e.g. construction waste, rocks, ores, massive roads, and old asphalt concrete etc.

1. Feeding system

Designed for evenly feeding large pieces of material into the crusher with large feeding ability.

2. Crushing system

With adopting the Sino-Austrian technology, the main equipment of the mobile crushing screening combination is equipped with a unique rebar cutting device to prevent rotor winding.

mobile crushing screening combination

3. Iron removing system

The electromagnetic iron unloader and remover can automatically remove the iron impurities mixed in the materials to ensure the crusher working safely and normally.

4. Screening system

The three outlets are arranged in a stepped manner, and the material on each layer can be directly sent onto the belt conveyor, which eliminates the traditional distributing process, reducing the probability of leakage.

mobile crushing screening combination

5. Conveying system

The conveying system of mobile crushing screening combination uses steel plate bending parts as the main support, more sturdy and stable. The inner belt roller is of a small diameter, so that the structure is more compact and the power consumption smaller.

6. Hydraulic legs

The raising and lowering of hydraulic legs are controlled by a manual valve. They can be mechanically fixed for convenient transportation, and the hydraulic cylinder should be dropped for stable production.

mobile crushing screening combination

7. Wheeled chassis

The mobile equipment adopts a wheeled chassis which is cost-effective.

8. Electronic controlling system

The mobile crushing screening combination provides one-key start and stop function, and all actions can be completed through the touch screen.