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TAS Series Crawler Mobile Screening Plant Help You to Make Screening Easy

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Aug 19,2020   Views: 

TAS series crawler mobile screening plant

Stricter manufacturing standards, greater screening efficiency, and wider scope of applications, this is TAS SERIES CRAWLER MOBILE SCREENING PLANT, a high-energy screen with leading performance.

Highlights of TAS series Crawler Mobile Screening Plant

1. Large and steep hopper makes high efficiency

2. Remote control grate

3. The wedge locking system makes the screen replacement more convenient

4. Large effective screening area and efficient screening performance

5. The linkage device ensures that the supporting equipment maintains a good working position

6. Efficient hydraulic system is easy to operate

TAS series crawler mobile screening plant

Application Field of TAS series Crawler Mobile Screening Plant

The TAS series crawler mobile screening plant is widely used in the processing of ore, sand, coal, soil and other finished materials. It is in the leading position in today's portable vibrating screen industry with innovative and efficient vibrating screening technology.

◆ Aggregate screening

Usually used to screen the final products effectively after jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher, get different required particle size evenly to ensure the realization of customer benefits.

◆ Construction waste screening

Screen and process construction waste aggregate, refine the processed materials, and further improve the resource utilization rate.

◆ Sand and gravel screening

Separating and treating the sand and soil efficiently is a typical application of the TAS series crawler mobile screening plant.

◆ Coal screening

It can realize the rational utilization of coal with different sizes.

TAS series crawler mobile screening plant

As a leading crushing brand in China, DSMAC Group has rich experience in the mobile crushing field, which can perfectly meet the needs of high-performance mobile crushing station production line in the fields of modern expressway high-speed rail construction, urban construction waste and other solid waste treatment, hole slag crushing and sand making in the road and bridge construction, etc under the high environmental protection policies requirements, as well as the problems that the infrastructure period too long and investment cost too high in the mining process.