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Stone Crusher Big Gold Tooth Hammerhead Create New Milestone

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Jan 18,2018   Views: 

Stone Crusher Big Gold Tooth Hammerhead

STONE CRUSHER BIG GOLD TOOTH HAMMERHEAD is a patent product of DSMAC Group since 2009. From then on, it has been becoming more and more popular among the stone crusher spare part customers. Why is it chosen increasingly? What is specialness of it? Next, we will discuss this issue in details.

Originally the stone crusher big gold tooth hammerhead was designed specially for hammer crusher. Due to the hammer crusher is often used to crush stone with high hardness, so its hammerhead needs to be suitable for hard condition of series abrasion. Compare with traditional hammerhead with common material, the stone crusher big gold tooth hammerhead adopts AMC material, also known as super high manganese/tungsten and Titanium alloy composite materials.

The biggest highlight of new material is the super high wear resistance and low cost. It can resist the severe grinding abrasion because it applies the method of alloying and modification treatment of rare earth, and optimizing the matching of chemical composition. Besides, it uses heat treatment process and water toughening technology. Molten steel is purer and the matrix is more compact. Using the AMC material, the stone crusher big gold tooth hammerhead have a service life 50% longer than those made of common high manganese steel. What is more, it is safer to use, even to crush limestone with abnormal content of SiO2.

Last but not least, the stone crusher big gold tooth hammerhead' customized request is available. As long as you provide specific drawings or samples, we accept processing business no matter how the quantity is. DSMAC Group manufactures ISO9001 certified, fully guaranteed and warranted spare parts to suit a various range of Hammer Crusher. Welcome new and old customer inquire and place order !