Apron Feeder
with short pitch and precision-machined chain

Apron Feeder Introduction
DSMAC apron feeder has an integral matching scraper conveyor with built-in drive to handle spillage. This system ensures an economic layout and increased belt conveyor length compared with the conventional system with spillage chute. The feeders are specially designed to minimize maintenance.

Advantage & Features

Apron Feeder Advantage
DSMAC apron feeder is engineered for heavy-duty operation and for primary or subsequent application stages. These custom-built machines are designed to suit individual requirements of capacity, size and material handled.
Apron Feeder Features
                  Impact loads are absorbed by pans of rolled alloy/ cast alloy/ manganese steel material depending on application and are similar to heavy-duty track-type undercarriage shoes.
Pans are bolted to forged link chains supported on heavy-duty lifetime lubricated rollers. High strength pans resist abrasion and withstand heavy impact loads.
Short pitch and precision-machined chain provides noise-free discharge of material with negligible impact on receiver.
Chain and roller flanges maintain rigid alignment of pans in relation to skirt.


Customer from Indonesia came to visit apron feeder

Name: Bulent Balkan
National: Indonesia
Industry: cement
Stone: Limestone, Coal
Capacity: 300-460 t/h
Equipment: DSMAC BW1500
Evalution: This is Bulent Balkan from Indonesia.This type of apron feeder meet our requirement, and we are greatly impressed by its high working efficiency. I am glad to buy this feeder from your company, and hope we can have more cooperation.

Apron Feeder exported to UAE

Name: Ahmadkhalaf Almudboly
National: UAE
Industry: Road & Bridge
Stone: Concrete, Basalt, Clay
Capacity: 600-1100 t/h
Equipment: DSMAC BW2400
Evalution: It's Ahmadkhalaf here, your apron feeder is excellent. It has less noise, and is easier to operate. We like your product very much and also your after-sale service.